About Us
"Portugalís #1 Ginja Brand, since 1987"
Ginja de ”bidos Oppidum it's a premium brand of sour cherry liquor, made exclusively with sour cherries (fruit), alcohol, sugar and water with any artificial flavouring or colouring.
The sour cherries are handpicked in the region of ”bidos, mostly in Sobral da Lagoa, were this liquor is manufactured since 1987 by a family owned business, thus ensuring a high quality product and a unique tasting experience, unlike any other Ginja liquor.
Although present throughout Portugal and in several countries abroad, sometimes it will be hard to find a nearby shop that carries our brand. So in keeping with the many requests we receive the on-line shop ginjas.com came to fruition with the purpose of bringing Ginja de ”bidos Oppidum comfortably to your doorstep no matter where you may be.

For more detailed information about the company and products please visit: www.ginjadeobidos.com.
You can send your questions and/or suggestions to: geral@ginjas.com.